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Photo by Eugene Capo

I’m sure by now you’ve heard about Microsoft’s big contract win worth $479 million. You haven’t? Oh, well here it is!

It’s a contract between Microsoft and the Army that states Microsoft will provide 2500 wearable headsets similar to the HoloLens within 2 years that could boast features like night vision, thermal sensing and be capable of reading vitals. This is a great win for Microsoft and will be a fantastic upgrade for our military.

But I’m not interested in Microsoft or this contract as much as I am the technology. More importantly how this technology will impact the life of the average person not in the military.

I was recently talking to a long-time friend of mine named Andrew Noce who is a web developer for Dandelion Group, Inc. I asked him what he thought was “the next big thing” and his answer was “anything Augmented Reality”.

I’m also sure you’ve seen the Netflix original hit Altered Carbon and the Netflix original movie Anon. You haven’t? Well, if you’re into future tech then add these to your watch list now and then watch them! They are full of this tech candy. I promise I have no affiliation with Netflix.

When I think about what the smart phone has done to our attention span I can’t help but to wonder the potential impact these Augmented Reality Devices will bestow upon every living Homosapien. In the early days of TV The Silent Generation would chastise baby boomers for watching too much of it. Then generations X and Xennials have the same issue but with smartphones and viewed their parents as old fashioned. Now Generation XYZ is looking at Generations X and Xennials the same way-They’re old fashioned. So, the world of technology will continue to advance so we might as well embrace it. Besides, I Googled the effects of using VR excessively and most were short term so I don’t think we have anything to worry about.

Photo by Tim Savage

No matter the conceivable alteration my brain might encounter I say bring it on! I’m not only looking forward to this being released on a consumer level but I’m also looking forward to Augmented Reality’s offspring. Like brain plugs-which would allow us to turn lights on and off without getting up-or start our cars and control vacuum robots! We’d finally be able to control things with our minds!

I see this tech ridding the world of televisions all together-and with that cable and telephones. No need for a hand held smart device-you’ll just talk to your Augmented headset and command it to your liking. Who knows, maybe one day humans will have no need to talk.

‘Till then fellow socialsapiens continue to welcome change for the sake of our future.


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