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I wish to spark real conversations about life, love, lust, and anything in between

The following is a prioritized list of things that I could definitely do without!

Photo by: Pixabay

7. Daylight Savings

It’s great in the fall when you’re young for obvious reasons (More TV time, stay up longer, etc.) but when you’re older and already wake up at 4:30 in the morning it tends to make for a cranky adult.

The sun sets at 4:30 pm for those that live up north! That’s a lot of darkness! I’d rather the the sunrise later and then set later.

Then, in the spring, we “spring” forward as if it’s a great time. Most people just accept the sacrifice to welcome warmer weather but genuinely despise it! I get anxious at the thought of getting my kids used to the changes and putting them to sleep while the sun is still up in the summer.

Who do I have to talk to about putting this to bed?

6. A Crying Baby

I suspect this might be a guy thing. I also suspect that this sound is soothing to a mother’s soul. I know this because when my 2 year old cries I have to cover my ears but Hot Mama closes her eyes and exhales deeply with her index and middle fingers firmly pressed against her temples.

I love my toddler like I love my coffee but when she opens that exhaust pipe I’d rather go bra shopping!

5. The Word “Moist”

I can’t exactly stop the top on what it is about this word but it has to go! No matter the context this word seems inappropriate-or maybe I just have a dirty mind.

4. A Crazy Ex

Photo by: Gratisography

Having a crazy ex isn’t all that unusual. They’re out there. Most people have one and some of us have two. You might be one! A crazy ex that you’ve had kids with because you didn’t know she was crazy until after you left her-that I can do without!

My Hot Mama says, “all women are crazy-not all of them act on it”. That’s scary.

3. Ignorance

I struggled with putting this at number one but life takes priority. I’m not talking about the literal definition of ignorance. I’m talking about the ignorance where someone willfully chooses to ignore what they know is right. An obvious example would be racism. This ignorance is a tricky thing because if you try to help someone, who you feel is ignorant in some way, they may feel like you’re trying to brainwash them or they might get offended. So, instead of receiving your guidance they’ll reject it-sometimes with anger. They might even recede deeper into the ignorance. This is especially true with large groups of people-organized ignorance.

I’ve been ignorant about several things in my life and still am sometimes but I’m willing to learn, admit I was wrong and make necessary adjustments.

That old saying about ignorance being bliss-I say, “Ignorance is blindness”.

2. Judge Dredd Society

This is a place where everything is fair and no one is sad-a place where cursing and drinking alcohol are illegal-a place where whenever a game is played there are no losers and where sex is virtual. I’d rather lose a thousand times and be strong enough to deal with anything kicked in my direction than to win at everything and be weak. There is no strength without pain. It’s good to be positive-it’s also good to be real. There has to be a loser and real sex is better!

1. Death

Photo by: Renato Danyi

“Why must we die?” I ask. Most will answer this question as if death is a normal part of life. One day people will live longer than 100 years and that will be the new normal. There are scientists working on a few ways to prolong life as I write.

They would also say, “there would be too many people on earth!”. I say we will one day inhabit multitudes of planets outside of our solar system and in other galaxies and meet ET! I would like to be alive to see all of this happen. Wouldn’t you?

What could you do without? Tell me about it.

Thanks for taking the time to read.

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